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Marital Status
Number of Dependents:
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Reason For Hardship
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Your Application was received. We will contact you shortly to discuss. If you have a letter from an Attorney or Collection Agency, please email to [email protected] immediately.

Debt consolidation allows you to make just one payment to us which we distribute to your various creditors, collection agencies and attorneys.

The benefit is that it becomes manageable and in most cases the accounts are brought current with late and  over the limit fees reduced or waived.


Q) May I continue to use the accounts?

A) No further charging will be allowed now that you are enrolled in our Debt Management Program.

Q) Will my creditors continue to call me?

A) It is very unlikely that until the creditors receive your first payment, they will continue to call. Please do not avoid them. Just let them know that you are enrolled with us and if they request, please let them have our telephone number.

Q) Should I send any further payments directly to the creditors?

A) No! Payments made directly to your creditors are a breach of the agreement and could result in your termination from the program. As such, all concession will be revoked and late/ over the limit, fees and previous interest rates will be reinstated.

Q) Will I continue to receive monthly bills from my creditors?

A) Yes, you will. It is your responsibility to check these statements each month to verify payments and all other activities. Should there be any discrepancies, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately so we can have them rectified.

Please bear in mind that your first payment might not be on your first statement since we allow 15 to 30 days before you make your first payment.

Q) Can we get statements from ALLY CDC?

A) Yes! We will provide a payment history on your account upon request. For a history in excess of 12 months, there is a research fee of $12.00.

Q) What happens if I fail to make a deposit on time?

A) Your creditors may assess late fees. Should you completely miss three payments; the creditors will terminate the agreement and reinstate the fees on a permanent basis. To be re-admitted in the program, you will be require to pay $40.00.

Q) After completing the Debt Management program, will the creditors re-open the accounts?

A) The creditors may only determine this after you submit an application to them directly.

Q) How will my credit be affected by participating in this program?

A) While under this program, most of your accounts will reflect a current status and may also state that “account being managed by a Credit Counseling agency”.

Q) How is your Agency funded?

A) Clients pay a monthly service fee ranging from $40.00 and $50.00.


Ally CDC is here to help you, and now that your application is approved, you may stop worrying about your debts.

For debt relief, please complete this intake form and submit as soon as possible.

We will contact you shortly thereafter to discuss next steps.