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We Listen

Tell us about your challenges and issues that  stand between you and your goals.

We are not here to ask why? but rather to ask How can we help?

We Communicate

With our long-standing and solid relationships with credit card companies, attorneys and Collection Agencies we can advocate effectively on your behalf.

If you have a complaint from an attorney we can communicate with them and arrange payment plans which will save you money, time and allow you to regain your good credit and peace of mind.

We Delivery Results

For most of our clients, the main goal is acquiring or preserving their homes. We have many years of experience with improving credit scores and setting the stage for home-ownership and mortgage readiness. It all begins with having good credit and low debt to income ratios.

May and June are 

"No Judgement Months"

Dont wait!

Contact us today if you received a "Complaint" from an attorney.